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I was looking for a house to rent for more than 3 months with not much luck. Then I found Rentbird. They notify you straight away when a property matching your searches appears available. 2 weeks after I registered, I signed the contract for my new rented house. Thank you Rentbird.

Very useful if you don't want to spend a lot of time each day searching different websites for a new place. With rentbird I immediately received an email whenever a new appartment based on my search criteria was published, so I could react very quickly. I managed to find my new place this way, even though it still took me quite some time. For further improvements it would be good to have more search criteria to further specify the search, e.g. the year built, income criteria and the minimum/maximum time you want to rent a place for.

Pedro Aragão Trustpilot verified

They have been excellent with their catalogue and have spared.e countless hours of searching in many different sites. And overall they have a bigger catalogue of options than I had found myself. Overall, it's very cost effective if you want to streamline the work of find properties to apply to.

Rithvik Randhir Trustpilot verified

I used rentbird to find homes to apply for to rent. Im an expat and was quite worried about finding a house but rentbird helped me ease my fears by sending me great options that I could respond to immediately. Well worth the amount I paid for it.

Anntreesa Paul Trustpilot verified

Helped me a lot in my home search

Up to date with all the latest properties that are available. Truly removing all the stress of searching for a new home. Time saving and convenient, would highly recommend it to everyone.

Noah Lasschuijt Trustpilot verified

Rentbird really saved me from a lot of headaches. Prior to using this service I was constantly checking a lot of different websites on my own, hoping to find something new. And when I finaly found something suitable, it was already gone. Rentbird really helped me to be one of the first responders to a house listing. Thank you so much! It really is worth the price. The only downside I experienced is that it is not (yet?) possible to search for pet-friendly houses, a lot of the options did not accept my two cats. Hopefully rentbird will add this to their search options!

Excellent service! I was getting notifications for new apartments almost as quickly as they were getting posted. We managed to find our current apartment of our dreams almost 2 months after we started using this service. Prior to that we had spent more than a year of looking helplessly on our own and getting declined even just for the viewings, because the listings were already full. Aparently many agencies work with a first-come-first-served policy for the viewings, so we totally recommend it!

Nice service! quick to get notifications about upcoming apartments. If I was to search again, the small fee is worth the money. The notifications are fast, and for the current market it definitely helped because viewing slots go quickly!

Finding an appartment seemed impossible but I wanted to give this website a try because of the good reviews. I found the perfect appartment within two weeks. Couldn’t be happier.

Philippos Moschatos Trustpilot verified

With rentbird, I had a steady stream of houses to review and perform viewings. After four weeks of searching, I had a contract in my hands at an amazing location.

Rentbird allowed us to connect with various small and large housing agencies in real time. Especially at small ones, we were very successful in getting viewings, we got a lot more than before using it. Because Rentbird captures the entire volume of the market and I got instant notifications, I was able to contact landlords and agents much more effectively than before. Highly recommend!

This made our house hunt much easier as we didn’t have keep checking the hundred other websites ourselves and enabled us to reply as soon as the postings occurred. One thing we wish the website had was the option to input an ‘available on’ date filter.

Trevor Visser Trustpilot verified

When I first paid for the Rent Bird subscription, my girlfriend was a bit upset with me for spending money on a service that other rental sites do for free. But then Rent Bird started sending us apartments that both met our criteria and at such a speed that we were able to get visitation requests on almost our responses. And on our first apartment viewing, we managed to get a super nice place in a really nice area. I would really recommend Rent Bird. Well worth the money. And my girlfriend admitted I was right too ;). And for those of you that are wondering how real these reviews are, Rent Bird offers a reward every quarter for individuals who write reviews for them on trust pilot. So we are real people :) Good luck to everyone looking for their dream apartment!

Rentbird user
Bogdan Zviagintsev Trustpilot verified

We have rented the best possible apartment in our budget, in the area we dreamed of. It was presented only on the agency website and neither on funda or pararius, so it was possible to find this apartment only on rentbird. Thanks!