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Over 32,000 house-hunters have used Rentbird

Based on 1200 reviews
Joshua Main
1 day ago on Trustpilot

Rentbird has been good in sending me matches as soon as they come. We found a house through a friend in the end, but it was nice to know that Rentbird was doing the work for us in case we didn't get that place. the settings sometimes don't fully match with Funda etc so I did feel like I needed to check Funda as well, which was a bit annoying.

Daphne Panteli
1 day ago on Trustpilot

The Whatsapp updates were amazing! I didn't have to waste my time on the typical sites. I found such a great apartment quicker than I expected

Inés Pardo parra
1 week ago on Trustpilot

I found a place in mess than my subscription time

1 week ago on Trustpilot

Finally found a home thanks to rapid applications via Rentbird! Great app and highly recommended!

1 week ago on Trustpilot

So much better than looking yourself. You receive new Homes almost every day and you will be the first to respond!

José Fonseca
1 week ago on Trustpilot

With Rentbird, I received daily updates on available rentals, and every proposal matched my search criteria perfectly. The platform made the entire process so much easier by filtering out irrelevant listings and only showing me options that fit my needs. Thanks to Rentbird, I was able to find the ideal place without any hassle.

2 weeks ago on Trustpilot

Before Rentbird, house hunting was a real headache. I couldn't even snag a viewing, let alone a place to live! Then, a friend swore by Rentbird, calling it a total game-changer. So, I gave it a shot. And man, was I impressed! Once I signed up, it was like having a personal assistant for house hunting. Rentbird not only kept me in the loop on new listings but also told me I was one of the quickest to apply—talk about a confidence boost! It saved me from overthinking and landed me so many viewing opportunities. And get this—within just two weeks, I scored my dream pad! It felt like a total miracle. Huge thanks to Rentbird for making it happen!

Paul-Joffre Esterhuizen
2 weeks ago on Trustpilot

The Rentbird app is the most convenient way to receive updates from all platforms and to contact the lessee immediately. Worth it!

Mattia Mancusi
2 weeks ago on Trustpilot

Where easy way to find a room or apartment to rent Very friendliness interface that can help in searching for an accomodation

Johan Ras
3 weeks ago on Trustpilot

Great tool for being updated on new options on the market. The smaller thing that bugged in the beginning, was the selection criteria. After filling this in, it didn't save it. I had to redo the criteria a few times before it worked.

3 weeks ago on Trustpilot

My experience was incredible and it's the easiest and fast way to achieve offers and visit the houses on time.

1 month ago on Trustpilot

Very useful app if you want to be quick to reply to new house listings. The whatsapp notifications were super useful, we received lots of listings and had a couple of house viewings because if it. Only downside is sometimes the link takes you to another payed website, so you'll still need to subscribe to the site they take you to.

Ihor Mosku
1 month ago on Trustpilot

Speed of working made experience great!

Hector M
1 month ago on Trustpilot

It really helped me a lot to got a home - the notifications are on point and you get a lot of matches - via email/whatsapp or on the new released App. I recommend it if you are in a hurry for a home as I got one in the period of one/two months so definitely is worth it.

Larissa Siebolds
1 month ago on Trustpilot

This App is so good, got a lot of Matches en also appointments with the verhuurders very fast. Thank u!

1 month ago on Trustpilot

Great app to use when you’re looking for a place. They offer a lot of properties and they are fast.

Jason Feely
1 month ago on Trustpilot

Was finding it very difficult to get viewings but with Rentbird it changed everything in a short time.

1 month ago on Trustpilot

Great app, WhatsApp messages were sent as soon as houses were posted and we managed to get an apartment in 2 weeks with it! Would definitely recommend

Alice Frîncu
1 month ago on Trustpilot

A Rentbird subscription is such a must have in your home search especially in the Netherlands where the market is based on a first come first served concept for getting a viewing. The Rentbird email alerts really make it easy to apply in time for properties which match your requirements.

1 month ago on Trustpilot

Great housing results which really helped me get into viewings quickly. The speed of rentbird definitely gives you an advantage over the rest.