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Our one search bot does the work of dozens of real estate agents

What if you had your own team of real estate agents scouring the web day and night, without breaks, to find your perfect home?

Sounds to goot to be true, doesn't it?

But this is exactly what Rentbird does! Rentbird scans more than 1,400 websites every minute for new properties. That’s about 1,500 times a day. No house will pass you by!

Join 3,200 other Rentbird-users and find your next home.

Try us risk-free for 14 days (we’ll refund no questions asked) - View rates
Try us risk-free for 14 days (we’ll refund no questions asked) - View rates

How it works

Your dream home in 3 simple steps


Enter your housing requirements

Time for you to chill out while our bot gets busy finding rental homes that match your criteria.

Tablet met Rentbird aanmeldformulier

Check your email for new matches

The instant we find a match, we’ll send it to your inbox. No more scrolling!

Telefoon met Rentbird woningmatch emails.

Respond, view and rent.

Find the perfect match? Respond immediately! The faster you respond, the better your chances of receiving a viewing.

Place your search now
Try us risk-free for 14 days (we’ll refund no questions asked) - View rates

Why are you going to find a home with Rentbird?

Outsmart other home hunters

Finding your perfect home can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. More than a hundred real estate agents are active in each city and no one can keep an eye on all the rental sites continuously...

And when you finally find that perfect home, somebody else is always there first. There has to be a better way!

Save yourself a lot of time (and frustration)

While you sit back and relax, your personal search bot scans 1,400+ verhuurwebsites for new rental properties. From big housing platforms to lesser known websites of individual agents and landlords.

Discover more properties

Rentbird finds nearly all available rentals in The Netherlands, so you’ll discover more houses that suit you, plus hidden gems that other home seekers overlook.

Be the first to respond

The second we find a home that meets your needs, you’ll receive a notification in your inbox. This way you’ll be the first to respond, your application will end up on the top of the pile, and you’ll have a much higher chance of getting a viewing.

Rentbird numbers don't lie

43 cities

where Rentbird is active

1,400 websites

monitored by Rentbird

1,500 times

per day Rentbird bots search every website

6,500 matches

a day per home seeker

4.6 / 5 stars

happy customers rate Rentbird

3,200+ customers

found new homes with Rentbird

Place your search now
Try us risk-free for 14 days (we’ll refund no questions asked) - View rates

What other home seekers say about Rentbird

Fay Tijssens

I received new matches in my inbox multiple times per day, which helps to respond super fast. We found a beautiful apartment in a popular city in just 2 months. AWESOME!!!

Iza Bult

Perfect service! I recommend anyone to try Rentbird. In only one month we found our dream house , in a really tough market.


Very satisfied with Rentbird. I was often one of the first to apply for a viewing!

Coert Knijnenberg

With Rentbird, you're always ahead of the competition!

Mark Romme

Rentbird works even better than I expected. In only one month we found a new house in Amsterdam!

Dagmar Hartemink

I had a wonderful experience with Rentbird. Every day I received many emails with suitable houses that matched my criteria perfectly.


The easiest way to find a house to your liking. You can really relax and trust that you will receive suitable homes in your inbox. I found a place for myself in less than 2 months.

Eva Roos

After searching for a long time, we decided to use Rentbird and found a rental home in 2 months. Rentbird takes away a big part of the work and gives you the opportunity to respond fast to many houses.

Place your search now
Try us risk-free for 14 days (we’ll refund no questions asked) - View rates