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The smartest way to find a rental house

Leave the searching to us

Most Rentbird users find a home in 4-8 weeks!

Create a search profile

Set up your housing preferences and let the search bots take over the heavy lifting.

View your matches instantly

Our search bots will start working 24/7 and notify you within seconds when a new match is found.

Respond and start viewing houses

Respond to matches in just a few clicks, and be one of the first applicants.


Included with Rentbird

The all-in-1 solution to find your dream home

Instant notifications

Get your housing matches delivered via email or WhatsApp

Track 4 searches at once

Search in different areas, or combine various search preferences

Add a search buddy

Add a partner or roommate, free of charge. They’ll also get housing matches (via email) so you can work together as a team

Create a personalized response letter

Add a cover letter for one-click applications to housing matches to increase your chance of getting a viewing

The rental hack of 2024

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Search among all rental properties

Rentbird finds almost all rental properties on the market, not just the ones listed on big sites.

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Land on top of the stack

New housing matches appear within seconds via WhatsApp or email, allowing you to be the first to respond.

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Save time (and stress)

Our search bot scans over 1,400 rental websites for new listings every minute while you sit back and relax.


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