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How does Rentbird work

On average, how long does it take to find a home through Rentbird?
How does Rentbird work?
Do you also rent out homes?
Why should I pay for Rentbird?
Do you guarantee it works?
I see a property I like. How can I view it?
What if I'm unhappy?

Finding a home

Can you help me find housing?
What is the income requirement?
How do I maximize my chances of getting a rental property?
What documents should I submit to the landlord?
Do I have to pay you commission when I find a home?
What if I want to share an apartment?
Can I also find social rental housing with Rentbird?


How do I request a refund during the 14 day trial period?
How do I change or cancel my subscription?
How do I start using the Rentbird app?


I'm not receiving matches
I can’t log in
I forgot my password

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