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Choose a subscription and view unlimited rental homes.

Find your next home in no-time with Rentbird.

This is how your rental search will improve

An agent adds a new rental property:

The old method

cross You manually check every property website
cross You discover new properties after 18 hours on average
cross You respond too late to viewings
cross The property is gone

The Rentbird method

cross Your personal search bot scans 1,400+ websites day and night
cross You receive an email alert within 30 seconds
cross You are the first to respond
cross High probability to get the rental home
Choose your subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Fay Tijssens

I received new matches in my inbox multiple times per day, which helps to respond super fast. We found a beautiful apartment in a popular city in just 2 months. AWESOME!!!

Iza Bult

Perfect service! I recommend anyone to try Rentbird. In only one month we found our dream house , in a really tough market.


Very satisfied with Rentbird. I was often one of the first to apply for a viewing!