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The old method

cross You manually check every property website
cross You discover new properties after 18 hours on average
cross You respond too late to viewings
cross The property is gone

The Rentbird method

cross Your personal search bot scans 1,400+ websites day and night
cross You receive an alert via WhatsApp or mail within 30 seconds
cross You are the first to respond
cross High probability to get the rental home
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Rentbird user
Bogdan Zviagintsev
Written on Trustpilot

We have rented the best possible apartment in our budget, in the area we dreamed of. It was presented only on the agency website and neither on funda or pararius, so it was only possible to find this apartment on rentbird. Thanks!

Rentbird user
Pranav Joy
Written on Trustpilot

For a relatively economical price, Rentbird took away the hassle, of going through hundreds of different sites. It helped me find an apartment, and hope it will help you too!

Rentbird user
E. Walraven
Written on Trustpilot

Rentbird was 100% worth it. I loved not having to actively search for houses myself. I did need to respond to a lot of listings before I got a house. But, withouth rentbird it would have taken more time, energy and stress.

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